snakebite heart
Anonymous said: You like Doctor Who?

Then I was like:

i do indeed, my best friend’s uncle used to work on it

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oh my god

oh my goodness..it hurts me to look at this…

This really hurts to look at, but I think everyone needs to see this.

 i will never not reblog this, but the thing is its heartbreaking to look at this but at the same time i want my body to look like this. i’m jealous of her

re-blogging again for all of this ^

this is insane…

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will be the death of me

Literally so sad :(


i don’t care that this isn’t black & white. this has to be seen! :/

this is terrifying 

no this is beautiful


k- too mean

kkk- too racist

kk- just right

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I kind of want to be something actually scary for Halloween, like the rabies virus.

But am concerned people will think I am a textured dildo.

that can be just as scary

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That is everyday life for me